Emergency Tree Work in Co. Durham

A recent emergency job we carried out in Co. Durham. Granted, not your extreme emergency like a fallen tree blocking a road. But an emergency nonetheless.

A limb had broke off during strong winds from this Ash Tree, Falling on the stock fencing and damaging the posts and wire meaning it was no longer keeping sheep in.

The limb was quickly removed, and winched out to cut up at the top of the bank and the fence posts replaced and repaired.

If you’re looking for an emergency tree surgeon in the Durham area give us a call today on 07845 689903

Tree Felling in Startforth, Barnard Castle

A recent job we carried out is removing these 5 large Leylandii trees in Barnard Castle to allow more light into the garden.

This job was a little challenging due to overhead electricity and telephone lines behind the trees above a road. But as always our skilled team managed to fell and remove the trees without issues.

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Tree Surgery in High Shincliffe Durham

A recent job we carried out was this garden tidy-up in High Shincliffe, Durham. The owners had just bought the property where the previous owners had let the garden get out of control. We removed some trees, reduced the fruit trees and trimmed hedges to give the remaining trees chance to take a better shape and improve the area of the garden they were situated in.

we carry out all aspects of tree work in the Durham and Darlington areas. Feel free to give us a call on 01740 238315 to arrange a free no obligation quote.

Multi Species Hedge Trimming in Mickleton

Today was spent trimming this multi species hedge in Mickleton, Teesdale.

A mixed hedge of Laurel, Holly, Leylandii and more. All trimmed and shaped ready for Christmas.

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank all of our customers for their support throughout the year and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Wilkinson Tree Care.

Remember we are taking work on for early next year. Please give us a call on 07845 689903 if you require a free no obligation quote.

Dead Roadside Tree’s Removed in Teesdale

Another job this week was removing these two dead, dangerous sycamore trees.

The trees unfortunately were dead and becoming an increasing danger, particularly with them being roadside and very close to a property.

We were approached by the home owner to reemove the trees with the permission of the council. The powerlines had to be turned off temporarily so we could safely dismantle the trees from top to bottom. Another job done to a higj standard and a very happy client that can sleep sounder knowing there’s no danger of the tree’s toppling onto their home.

Hedge Trimming in Barnard Castle

Now the birds have grown and left the nest we’re getting extremely busy with hedge cutting and tree work.

One of this weeks jobs was this beech hedge and conifer hedge we trimmed and reduced in Barnard Castle.

The owner wanted the hedges reduced to a manageable height so they could trim them in the future.

We carried out the heavy work in reducing them amd getting rid of the waste with our chipper.

If you have any tree work you would like us to quote for give us a call on 01740 238315 or 07845 689903

Tree Work Carried out for Holiday Inn, Darlington

Today we carried out some work for Holiday Inn Darlington, trimming back and clearing away trees and bushes from their flag poles.

The surrounding trees had become a nuisance to the flags. Catching the flags, tearing them and preventing them from being flown and full mast.

After carefully checking for bird nests and activity to ensure we did not disturb anything we trimmed and lowered the trees around the flags.

Another job complete by the team here at Wilkinson Tree Care. If you have some tree work needing carried out do not hesitate to contact us on 01740 238315 or 07845 689903 ti arrange a free no obligation quote.

Site Clearance in Ferryhill, Co. Durham

Another recent job was a small site clearance for a company in Ferryhill, Co. Durham. The area had been used for a dumping ground and had overgrown nettles, brambles and other vegetation.

We stripped the area down to top soil and cleared away all the rubbish with our mini digger and high tip dumper into skips.

The site was left as too soil for the land owner to decide on the next stage, a few ideas have been thrown around to create a low maintenance garden in which the residents of the adjacent bungalow can enjoy.

We offer ground maintenance amd mini digger hire in Durham and Darlington areas as well as plant hire across Teesdale.

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Conifer Removal Middleton in Teesdale

A recent job we carried out was removal of this large conifer in a rear garden in Middleton in Teesdale.

The conifer had just gotten too large for it’s surroundings and the owner decided to have it removed for fear of damage being caused if it was to shed any limbs.

The conifer needed to be climbed and technically dismantled due to the very tight drop zone surrounding the tree. The tree was right above a garden shed and next to a new summer house.

We dismantled the conifer safely from top to bottom with no damage to the surrounding garden.

If you have any technical tree work you wish to have us look at, give us a call on 01740 238315 or 07845 689903.