Woodland Maintenance

A recent job we carried out was crown lifting and maintaining this yound woodland for Lazer tag uk – lasertaguk.net

The woodland is a brand mew site for a outdoor lazer quest company based in Weston Super Mare.

The woodland os approximately 15 years old and is a mixture of native British trees such as Oak, Ash, Sycamore and Cherry. The trees have never had any maintenance since being planted so we went in to raise the canopies and remove the lower branches on the trees for people to pass under easily. This also massively benefits the trees and the woodland ground as it allows sunight in to encourage woodland ground growth.

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Ash Tree Removal, Coxhoe

One of this weeks jobs was to remove the remainder of this Ash Tree in Garmens way village, Coxhoe, Durham.

The tree had been started by another party in order to make way for a new garage to bw built. We dismantled the rest of the tree and removed it to ground level. All wood was then logged on site for the customer to use on his wood burner.

A nice quick, easy job done and dusted.

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Oak Tree Trimmed and Crown Lifted in Teesdale.

A recent job we carried out at Wilkinson Tree Care was to deadwood, trim and crown lift this large oak in Middleton in Teesdale.

This mature oak was in reasonably good health however did carry a lot of deadwood. Removing dead wood from a tree is very important in the maintenance of a tree and the preservation of the trees life. Removing these dead bramches helps prevent insects and decay organisms from entering the tree. It speeds up the process of repair for the tree too and then there’s the obvious reason, to prevent any damage to surrounding buildings from fallong wood.

The Oak in question also benefitted from a small crown lift to lift the canopy away from the road beneath and tje adjacent greenhouse.

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Deadwooding Sycamores in Teesdale

A recent job we carried out was deadwooding three sycamores in Teesdale. The trees were protected with TPOs which meant limited work could be carried out however we removed any deadwood, cleared telephone lines and removed any crossed over branches. All vital work to preserve the trees and thw surrounding vehicles and buildings from damage.

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Tree Surgery in Ferryhill, Co. Durham


nother job done, today in Ferryhill, Co. Durham.

This tree needed to be sectionally dismantled and safely brought down because of the house being so close. We used a cherry picker to dismantle the Eucalyptus tree which was just too large for its current surroundings. The tree was large and spindly and extremely close to the adjacent bungalow meaning it posed a risk from prevailing winds.

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Hedge trimming Cotherstone, Teesdale.

Another recent small job we’ve done is this Conifer Hedge in Cotherstone, Teesdale.

This is a regular customer of ours that we have working for, for a number if years trimming the hedge and maintaining the garden.

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Hedge Trimming in Barnard Castle

Another recent job we carried out was this large hedge that we trimmed in Barnard Castle. A job we have done for several years for our clients.

The hedge is made up of Holly, Hawthorn and other mixed hedge species.

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Damaged Spruce Tree Removal in Sedgefield

Another recent job we carried out here at Wilkinson Tree Care is the removal of this wind damged Spruce on Sedgefield, Stockton on Tees.

Unfortunately recent winds had blown off a large limb causing damage to the main stem of this spruce meaning it was unsafe to climb but being only feet from a main road and shed it meant the remaining tree needed to be sectionally dismantled.

We used a MEWP or cherrypicker for the removal.

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Conifers removed in Durham

This week we’ve been working on Durham city. Removing two large conifer trees from a domestic property garden.

The conifer trees needed to be climbed and dismantled due to the surrounding buildings at the base of the trees. Sheds and flat roofs meant we had a small drop zone to drop the brashing into but it was done with precision again.

Stumps cut down to low level with a very happy client.

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Limb Removal For Road Clearence In Teesdale

Yesterday we spent the day removing limbs from Larches on the Strathmore Estate in Teesdale.

The aim was to remove the lower limbs along the roadside to allow wagons better access to neighbouring farms. The wagons had previously been catching the branches of the Larches and unfortunately causing damage to both the vehicles and the trees.

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