Dead Roadside Tree’s Removed in Teesdale

Another job this week was removing these two dead, dangerous sycamore trees.

The trees unfortunately were dead and becoming an increasing danger, particularly with them being roadside and very close to a property.

We were approached by the home owner to reemove the trees with the permission of the council. The powerlines had to be turned off temporarily so we could safely dismantle the trees from top to bottom. Another job done to a higj standard and a very happy client that can sleep sounder knowing there’s no danger of the tree’s toppling onto their home.

Hedge Trimming in Barnard Castle

Now the birds have grown and left the nest we’re getting extremely busy with hedge cutting and tree work.

One of this weeks jobs was this beech hedge and conifer hedge we trimmed and reduced in Barnard Castle.

The owner wanted the hedges reduced to a manageable height so they could trim them in the future.

We carried out the heavy work in reducing them amd getting rid of the waste with our chipper.

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