Limb Removal For Road Clearence In Teesdale

Yesterday we spent the day removing limbs from Larches on the Strathmore Estate in Teesdale.

The aim was to remove the lower limbs along the roadside to allow wagons better access to neighbouring farms. The wagons had previously been catching the branches of the Larches and unfortunately causing damage to both the vehicles and the trees.

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Spruce Tree Removal in Teesdale

One of this week’s job was to fell this large Spruce tree and also remove dead wood from the Beech.

The Spruce stood at around 40ft high and was on a teared garden with a building underneath which meant it could have caused significant damage had it blown over. The client had one blower down recently which caused concern for the other.

We felled it, removed the brashing and logged the trunk for the client to use on their wood burner in the future.

The Beech was an exceptionally healthy tree with no real issues and a decent shape. We did climb to further inspector and remove some dead wood.

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Emergency call out to a tree removal in Teesdale

Here at Wilkinson Tree Care we offer 24hour emergency call outs.

We recently had a call about this Ash tree that our client had noticed a crack between the two main stems. When the wind blew you could clearly see substantial movement on one limb. It was a case of, should the wind pick up the large stem would have blown and snaooed off. As there was a power line running under the tree this could have caused costly damage.

We came out and sectional dismantled the Ash tree to the ground and made the situation safe using our fantastic 70ft cherrypicker as for obvious reasons the tree couldn’t be climbed.

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