Hedge Trimming in Co. Durham

Another recent job we did was this leylandii hedge trimmed and reduced in Bishop Middleham, Co. Durham.

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Apple tree pruning in Bishop Middleham

Another of this week’s jobs was to crown thin, to open up the crown area to encourage fruit production and allow sunlight and air to all areas of the tree.

This was as fairly mature tree which had received limited pruning over the years so we were extra delicate and careful just remove the necessary branches and limbs causing any issues.

We removed all crossed over or rubbing branches that way open up wounds and allow for infection to set in.

Pruning in late winter helps promote new growth in the spring and allows for a better fruit crop in the coming season.

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Large leylandii trimming on Eggleston, Teesdale.

One of our recent jobs was this large leylandii we trimmed in Eggleston, Teesdale. When trimming conifers it’s a task to keep as much shape as possible, yet trim them to reduce the size and maintain the growth. Many species of conifers will not regrow if you cut back to the brown, aged stems. So you must take extra care to only prune to the new, green growth to ensure regrowth in the future. Although this limits the amount of growth you can remove, it’s the only way to keep the tree growing healthily. This particular leylandii is one we at Wilkinson Tree Care have maintained for a number of years for a regular customer. It’s a very large tree at around 25ft tall. Making it rather difficult to trim, but we always manage all the same. If you would like any tree surgery quoting for in Co. Durham, Darlington or Teesdale please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01740 238315 or 07845 689903

Conifer Trimmed in Bishop Middleham, Co. Durham

One of this week’s jobs was this large conifer bush we cut and trimmed in Bishop Middleham. 

The tree instead had grown rather large and become a bit of a pest to the home owner and neighbours blocking out the sun. 

We trimmed the conifer back to previous cuts, hugely reducing its size and putting it back to a more manageable size. 

Although not the best looking jobs, it will look much better in the use to come and prove easier to maintain in the future. 

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Sycamore Tree Felled in TeesdaleĀ 

Happy New year to all. First week back for us and one of this week’s jobs was felling and removing this large sycamore in Middleton in Teesdale. 

The large sycamore was felled into the field so a straight fell was used. The tree had a huge girth and was cut up on site and removes with the use of our telehandler makong light work of it. 

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