Tree Felling in Teesdale Co. DurhamĀ 

A rather large Oak tree felled in Middleton in Teesdale, Co. Durham today. 

This Oak was removed by first removing some over hanging branches to prevent them pulling on phone lines traveling through the tree as it was felled. 

We then felled the tree from ground level to complete the job. 

The reason behind felling it was it had potential to being blown over as it was on a steep bank side and the Beech tree in front had already been windblown and uprooted a lot of ground surrounding the Oak, meaning it had a lot of root on show. The roots of the Oak also were around a Septic Tank, which meant the land owner was afraid, should the Oak blow over, it may destroy the septic tank causing a lot damage and expense. 
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Tree Surgery in Co. Durham

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Hardwood log suppliers to Co. DurhamĀ 

Here at Wilkinson Tree Care we provide seasoned hardwood logs, cut to size and ready to burn to the whole of Co. Durham. 

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