Oak tree trimming in Chilton, Co. Durham

A quick job this morning removing some small limbs from this oak in Chilton, Co. Durham. 

The oak does have a current T.P.O meaning permission to carry out the trees works was needed. Minimal damage caused to the tree in removing the 2 small limbs that were overhanging the adjacent house roof. 

All done and dusted with a happy client and no major difference to the oaks visiual appearance. 

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Large Spruce Tree and Birch Dismantled in Shotton

Once again another extremely busy day here at Wilkinson Tree Care. Today we have removed a large spruce tree, a large Birch and pruned and topped 4 more Birch trees in Shotton, Co. Durham.

The trees had to be climbed and dismantled from top to bottom. Although out cherrypicker and access platforms make the work a lot easier, it’s still great to get back in the harness and climb the old fashioned way!

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Limb Removal and Road Clearance for Strathmore EstatesĀ 

Another busy day here Wilkinson Tree Care. 

Removing low limbs from several trees along the roadside for Strathmore Estates in Holwick, Middleton in Teesdale. With the use of our fantastic 70ft cherrypicker it makes roadside work extremely quick and easy. 

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