Ash Tree Removal in Chilton, Co. Durham 

Today was just a small Ash Tree Removal in Chilton, Co. Durham. 

The Ash trees had become a nuisance and began interfering with the telephone lines. The customer contacted us and requested we removed the trees, as they were self seeded Ash within and small garden and just weren’t in a great position being between two telephone wires. 

The trees were very quickly climbed and dismantled to ground level safely. 

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Sycamore tree removal in Darlington 

Another very busy week at Wilkinson Tree Care. 

One particular job was to remove this sycamore tree from a property at Darlington. A particularly difficult job given the position of the tree, with a garage directly under it, a fence and patio it didn’t leave much room for a drop zone to drop the cut wood. 

No room for an access platform, which meant we had to carry out the job the old fashioned way and climb the tree from bottom to top and dismantle a piece at a time. No problems for the team here at Wilkinson Tree Care. 

Working in such a built up area and next to main road meant we needed to cone off and secure the area in which we were dropping the cut wood, and where we were operating the Woodchipper. 

Another successful job done safely and securely as with all the tree surgery we offer throughout Co. Durham and Darlington. 

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Seeking permission to prune TPO protected trees in Co. Durham


Here at Wilkinson Tree Care we provide a 1st class service across Co. Durham and Darlington. Providing all aspects of Tree Surgery and Tree work throughout the North East.

This week we’ve been as busy as usual carrying out tree work but also quoting for many upcoming jobs, not to mention the work behind the scenes which many don’t realise. Such as at the moment we’re currently working closely with a customer in the Teesdale which are seeking permission to top and crown thin 3 large sycamore trees which have a TPO (tree preservation order) on them, making it more difficult than usual to gain the permission to carry out the work from the local council. However as part of the service we provide, we will happily carry out a site visit and advise on best approach to gain permission and what work would most benefit the trees in question. We will carry out these site visits and advice free of charge, however we can also issue TREE Surveys if necessary however this does carry a charge as a more a detailed visit is carried out with the possibility of climbing the tree. We will then go away and draw up a tree survey which will help any case with permission.

More details will follow with the current case we are talking about as the weeks pass.

If we can be of any assistance whether it be the practical Tree Work that’s needed or the paperwork behind the scenes do not hesitate to contact us here  or call us on 07845 689903.